Luca Ghislotti

Computer Engineer, Ph.D. Student, Audiophile.


Microelectronics Lab

University of Bergamo

Dalmine, Italy

I’m a Computer Engineer and a Ph.D. student in microelectronics for high energy physics at the Microelectronics Laboratory of the University of Bergamo. I also work as a technologist at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics and as a Research Associate II at the Astrophysics Laboratory of the Columbia University in New York.

My research is focused on the design and characterization of analog integrated circuits for the readout of silicon-strip detectors employed in high energy physics and astrophysics experiments.

I’m currently involved in the development of the General AntiParticle Spectrometer (GAPS) Antarctic balloon experiment in search of dark matter.

Download my curriculum here.

selected publications

  1. nuovo_cimento.jpg
    Energy threshold calibration of the GAPS experiment Si(Li) tracker readout electronics
    L. Ghislotti, M. Boezio , L. Fabris , P. Lazzaroni , M. Manghisoni , L. Ratti , V. Re , E. Riceputi , and G. Zampa
    Il Nuovo Cimento C, Apr 2024
  2. nima_book_large.jpg
    A mixed-signal processor for X-ray spectrometry and tracking in the GAPS experiment
    Valerio Re , Luca Ghislotti, Paolo Lazzaroni , Massimo Manghisoni , Elisa Riceputi , Lodovico Ratti , Mirko Boezio , Gianluigi Zampa , and Lorenzo Fabris
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, Apr 2023
    Publisher: Elsevier